November 28, 2022

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Anger like harassing and touching a reporter in an emboli-Piorentina play

Reporter Greta Peccaglia was interviewing some fans after the Tuscan derby when some people started shouting at her and someone tapped her buttocks with her hand.

Italy – An Italian reporter for local television station Tuscany TV was harassed and received a live call at the end of a football match the man faced last night. Emboli Against Fiorentina, Which provoked outrage and condemnation today.

Press, Creta Peccaglia, While interviewing some fans at the entrance of the stadium after the Tuscan derby which ended 2-1 for Emboli, some men started shouting at her, to get too close to her and someone even touched her with his hand. Back.

At the time she says to the subject, “You can not do that, sorry,” while presenter Giorgio Micheletti encouraged her to keep in touch: “Do not be angry, you too grow up with these experiences,” she tells him.

At the end of the appendix, the presenter denounces “Diphosi’s” behavior: “Some behaviors are worthy of a healthy smack, which would have allowed them to grow if they had been a child.”

The reporter described his experience through his Instagram profile and asked nearly 19,000 followers for help identifying the person who touched him.

“This is unacceptable,” he said, after which he released most Fiorentina supporters.

Of the Police Emboli Has begun examining images to try to identify the matter, local media report.

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These events, which quickly went viral on social media, have been condemned by professional unions such as the RAI Union, the Tuscan Press Association or the National Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI).