December 1, 2022

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Angela Aguilar: This is the LUXURY MANSION of the famous Aguilar dynasty | Photos

Beautiful and talented singer, without a doubt Angela Aguilar As each of his songs is synonymous with success on different digital platforms, he has established himself as one of the most popular young artists in recent years.

At the Aguilar event

This year, the youngest daughter Pepe Aguilar He drew attention by releasing two new solo songs: “Besam Mucho” and “My Reels”, which show his popularity and talent growing like foam.

As if that weren’t enough, YouTube is also a real star on social networks; It has more than five million followers on Instagram alone, establishing itself as one of the most listened to in the country.

From all walks of life and from any social network, the Aguilar dynasty is one of the most beloved families in the show business, so many followers wondered what the luxury mansion they live in would look like.

His house

While it is true that all members of the Aguilar family are very attentive to their publications, it is enough to check their respective profiles on Instagram to find out how and in what way they live.

For her part, “La Princesa de la Messica Mexicana” has uploaded pictures and videos showing the luxuries in her living room and dining room, which are so spacious, without neglecting the beautiful garden, wasting beauty.

It should be noted that during an interview with “El Escorbian Torado”, Bebe Aguilar admitted that his family lives in Los Angeles, California, USA; However, all they have to do is spend the last few months on the farm, or at least it shows their kids releases.

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