May 18, 2022

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Angela Aguilar: Fame who posted photos of the singer with Gucci Law

That was in early April A photo was leaked It confirmed the romantic relationship between Angela Aguilar Mexican composer Gucci LauAnd although the couple seemed so fond of the film, their release did not go exactly right Daughter of Pepe Aguilar. In fact, the spread of the young singer’s photo is a “Violating the possibility of their own privacy”.

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As it was recalled, the relationship was recognized by the composer through his social networks, where he asked that his privacy be occupied, he “Here is where you see me”Who was very embarrassed by the situation.

I feel sad, frustrated, I could not believe I was making this video; My soul aches … they have been Spreads some photos With whom I do not agree to go out … I feel violated, I feel violated my own privacy, can determine about my life, my body, my imageAguilar pointed out.

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Gucci Law with Angela Aguilar (Photo: Poison Queen / Twitter)

Who published the photos of Angela Aguilar and Gucci Law?

The composer himself revealed that it was his responsibility to leak the photo of his relationship with Aguilar because, as he promised, he showed it to some friends and one of them spread it.

Well, we walk together not to tell you a long story (…) They are screenshots of the video I had. Everything was intimate until my friend took the photo, it’s nothing wrong, but I feel like a betrayal of trust“, He pointed out.

Gucci Love composed songs for Angela Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar, Caliber 50, Christian Nodal (Photo: Gucci Love / Instagram).
Gucci Love composed songs for Angela Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar, Caliber 50, Christian Nodal (Photo: Gucci Love / Instagram).

According to the two-time Grammy winner, it all happened during a fun moment with his friends, and amidst the jokes, he brought his tongue to the face of the “princess of regional Mexican music”.

“I uploaded a video and I told him, look at the big head I have, it makes me smarter, if I have a big head it’s because I have a lot of brains. That’s what he tells me. Just because you have a big head doesn’t mean you have brains,” Love said. Said.

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Gucci Law was criticized for being Angela Aguilar

Although composer Angela Aguilar came out to defend herself, a section of users on social media accused her of leaking the film in order to gain popularity on social media.

How horrible I am uploading a song of mine No one is paying attention to it, now it is rumored to be connected around the world”, Lau pointed out in a video for social networks.

Finally, a member of Equinoccio Records, Pepe Aguilar’s company, commented: “Not for my songs, how shameful it is that they know me as someone’s lover”.

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