December 1, 2022

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Andres Tower: Meet Might Peroni’s New Boyfriend | Instagram photos Claudia Martin | Celebrities nnda nnlt | Sega

Might Peroni Andres formalized his romantic relationship with Dover, with whom he had been attached for several months. The news comes after former RBD member Divinotas was identified by the magazine as the one responsible for the breakup of the marriage between Claudia Martin and the TV producer.

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“Dark Desire” actress Producer Andres Dover and his ex-wife, actress Claudia Martin, were in the eye of the storm when they were accused of being the cause of their separation because he was the third person involved in the relationship.

However, Might Peroni He denied the allegations and said he would take legal action against those responsible for spreading the information. When a scandal erupted in the Mexican art scene, the former RBD member was splitting from his former ally Coco Stump. But who is Mighty Peroni’s new boyfriend Andres Dover?

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Mighty Baroni had an official relationship with Andres Dover, with whom he had been associated for several months (Photo: Andres Dover / Instagram)

Who is Andr டs Dover, the lover of Might Peroni?

A Mexican TV producer. He is 39 years old and is currently the producer of the morning newspaper “Sale El Soul” which airs on Imagine Television.

Dover owns his own audiovisual company, with which he carries out independent projects for various television stations, all of which were highly acclaimed in the middle of the show.

According to information available on his Linkedin account, he describes himself as the “creator of new forms, adaptations and international forms”.

Andres Dover is a well-known name in the middle of the show. This creative adaptation of the successful television program “Ugly Betty”, the leading Colombian telenovela “Betty La Fia”, is at the forefront of the series in which he worked on the ABC Network in the United States.

Dover has also shown his talent in Mexico. She has worked on television on productions such as “Heroes del Norde 2” and “Gossip Girl Acapulco”, to name a few.

Regarding his personal life, Andres Dover is known to have married actress Claudia Martin on November 23, 2019 in Oaxaca (Mexico). The couple had a very stable one in the middle and they had plans to have children. However, they split up.

The marriage lasted only two years and in early June 2021 they officially made the separation. Two months later, in August this year, the couple officially divorced.

According to TVNotas magazine, Andres Dover and Claudia Martin have signed a divorce in early August, for which they will be officially divorced. The two agreed to create a secret agreement, which would prevent them from announcing the matter.

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