December 1, 2022

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Andres Lillini expressed annoyance at the penalty against Poomas

Mexico City /

Not to mention the player, Andres Lillini He expressed his annoyance at the last minute of being fined Poomas At Hidalgo Stadium, Where Alan Moso Wrong on Aviles Hurtado And the Cats conceded two points after a 1-1 draw against Toussaint.

“It simply came to our notice then. There is an enemy that needs to be defeated and is pushing you back. The same thing happens in all games, not only in this game, we started to defend sometimes good and sometimes bad because the target situations were created by them and In the end, what I saw as bad was the error of the sentence, the error of the notion that the first section could not happen. They are tying us up, ”he told a news conference.

“Because this group is like that, we were so beaten up, the group got up because they took their heads out of the water. I firmly believe in what we are going to do on these two dates RepechageThere is no doubt about it. “

Lillini, Director of Technology PoomasHe pointed out that the team was short as many players in the game showed fatigue on the field.

“We fell in the second half and could have achieved something different from the kickback, We began to feel the fatigue of a short staff we had, We started to feel tired, some players were so tired, all I took out was because of the fatigue they no longer give. They are the weapons we have, they are the weapons we have to defend ourselves, that is the situation, we have to win both games at home, ”he said.

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