September 29, 2022

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Analysis: Naeem Bukel’s speech again deviates from reality

In his chain, at one year and 9 months he issued statements that did not match the ruling style.

On Sunday, March 21, the President again addressed Salvadorans through a national channel.

The aim is to send a successful message after the massive victory of its two parties, New Ideas and Ghana, in the February 28 election. Following this, the ruling party captured a qualified majority in the legislature and a majority of the country’s mayors.

Unlike his previous networks, the president also composed music. This alone is not a talk, surrounded by his cabinet or the regular police and military committee.

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The main theme was to highlight the success of his party in democracy and the fact that from May 1 the ruling party will have the control that the people have decided to give it.

However, in his mild speech he maintained some of the rhetorical lines he had used over the years.

His message, as usual, began with a story from the day he came to power and called for the disqualification of “traditional power groups”, including traditional political parties and their critics.

In some paragraphs of his speech, as has happened before, Buckell deviated from the reality of ruling the country from June 1, 2019, and raised the alleged attitudes and ways to use power. There is no basis in the events of the last 22 months.

A “democratic” victory

It is undeniable that President Naib Bukhele came to the presidency in 2019. On February 3 of that year he received more than 53% of the vote, and his support was higher than that of Arena and FMLN combined.

Similarly, in the Assembly and municipal elections, the ruling party increased its vote share. In short, it is a fact that Salvadorans has decided to trust Buckle’s side, to legislate and appoint secondary officers.

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But democracy is a form of government that transcends the legitimacy of the people. In other words, it is not enough to be democratically elected, it must be democratically managed.

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Buckle’s words, the continual rise of democracy, collide with the first wall of reality.

One of the most fundamental pillars of democratic life is free and fair elections. But in the election cycle that has now ended, the government has misused its resources and influence in favor of new ideas and candidates promoting Ghana.

It is common to see officials proselytizing during this election cycle, something that is prohibited by the Constitution and the Electoral Code and reinforced by the Constitutional Chamber, making it illegal to take a position in 2014 and bringing to the campaign of influence it has created.

Republic and democracy under numerous guns

Naib Bukheel’s speech included references to democracy and a reference to the Republican system of government based on respect for the balance of power.

However, in his administration he used the power of the security forces as a pressure tool, which breaks the spirit of peace agreements and democratic institutions.

In the process, the military took over the legislature on February 9, 2020. At the time, the president was abusing weapons and pressuring delegates to vote for the loan.

Talking about a republic and democracy implies respect for the constitution, but in reality, the government has moved in the opposite direction.

The same president, on election day, called for a vote for the ruling party, a legal insult. This approach seems to be a perfect copy of what former President Mauricio Fuens did, who on February 2, 2014, unconstitutionally asked to vote on who his successor, Salvador Sanchez Seron, was.

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In the pre-election period, the government ignored the ban on launching and advertising public works or other projects. This is done to avoid an unnecessary advantage in the face of elections.

While the ruling party used an undue advantage in public funds, the opposition competed “with their hands tied”. This is because the political loan is not provided by the government, i.e., the funds that the parties have to receive from the state. This put the opposition in a clear disadvantage in the face of a powerful state apparatus.

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On the other hand, the government chose not to distribute photos that were legally required to be provided to mayors. Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya also joked that the money could be handed over after the election.

In this way, the executive was able to financially submerge most of the country’s communes, using this money not only for tasks and investment, but also for payroll and their day-to-day operations.

In short, the voters of Salvador chose to give new ideas and a majority to the Ghanaian Federation, but the conditions of the election were not fair or uniform for all parties in the race.

The democracy that the president is now announcing was in action, but after more careful analysis, the financial abuse and the state-privileged megaphone are notable.

Freedom of expression

In his speech, the president noted that “traditional powers” have gone unchallenged in legislating or promoting secondary appointments.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into El Salvador.

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Although the Constitution recognizes this right in its 6th article, the actions of your government have gone in the opposite direction. During his two years in power, the president and his officials have persecuted and humiliated journalists and critical citizens. This has also led to hostility and hate speech from government fanatics and threats to those who question the government, which Bukel never condemned or condemned.

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The state regulatory muscle has been used to intimidate the media and state guidance has been used to punish those who use the press in an important way.

The government has shut down communication channels with independent media outlets that do not have official versions, and is increasingly reducing access to public information that acts as an opponent of freedom of expression.

Victims are increasingly losing access to citizens, critical voices and legitimate questions, and to whom the doors are closed to learn how public resources are being used.

In the same way, the President delivered a speech to his opponents. However, since he came to power, he has made numerous attempts to silence them and punish the opposition. In the same speech, he will not negotiate with the FMLN and Arena, the parties he hates and has been severely defeated, but which received nearly half a million votes in the recent elections. If the ruling party chooses to ignore them altogether, it will turn an important section of the minority but of the electorate.

Yes, democracy must respect the will of the majority, but it must undoubtedly respect the fundamental rights of the minority.