September 29, 2022

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An attack that killed 6 members of a Hispanic family at a birthday party in Colorado did so because he was not invited | Univision news shooting

Who is the attacker Six people were killed at a party A birthday party in Colorado was celebrated over the weekend by his girlfriend’s family as he opened fire on them. He was not called and later committed suicidePolice said Tuesday.

The attacker was a Relationship with one of the victims for about a year And had a history of restraint and jealousy, said Lt. Joe Frapel Colorado Springs Police At a press conference.

Police said the gunman did not report any incident Domestic violence During the relationship and no criminal record. Frabel identified the attacker Theodoro Maccas, 28 years old, And other victims are extended family members of his girlfriend.

Investigators still do not know how the suspect got the weapon, which the label described Pistola Smith & Vision. He said it was bought by someone else in 2014 at a local gun shop, but was not reported stolen. The suspect had two 15 rounds of newspapers, one of which was empty, and police recovered 17 bullets spent at the scene.

Inside a house shooting took place Canterbury Mobile Home Park East of Colorado’s second largest city.

According to a recording of a call from Colorado Springs, firefighters who responded to the shooting were told not to enter the scene because of the shooting, and were later allowed to enter the home by the dying men. Eight minutes after initial shipment.

More than eight minutes later, the sender told first responders, “Police at the scene said there were four victims and it was safe to enter.”

Four or more people, including a sniper, were killed in a series of mass shootings in the attack on Sunday, which hit the United States this year, killing 10 people, including a policeman, on March 22 in a crowded supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. . Officer.

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