December 10, 2022

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America shining in the Confederations from Mexico

Unlike Cruz Azul and Lyon, who were disappointed in their matches, the United States dominated and easily qualified for the Confederations Quarterfinals.

Mexico – The United States Goes to a simple classification for the quarterfinals Concomps.

In the first duels of the 16th round, the United States From Santiago Solari He was serious and strong, with enough features to help him win 1-2 against him Olympia from Honduras.

Unlike the Liga MX leader, Blue Cross, Or current champion of Mexican football, The lion, There are no campuses to define the dive into practice for the Estels and finish at Azteca Stadium in a week.

The first winner of the Confederations Cup, with seven titles, took the first stage seriously in Honduras The sun It sent many of its holders to the domain. This gave the Eagles precise management of the game so that Catrocho would not have to suffer against the team.

Instead, the cement machine got stuck on Tuesday against a limited archaeologist from Haiti.

Juan Rhinoso, Celeste’s DT, used an alternative panel. Still, they started out as favorites against the Caribbean team. However, he was not pretty and was very smart at 0-0.

For his part, The lion He wasted his house, drawing 1-1 against an Iron Man MLS Toronto.

Nacho Ambris’ students were superior, but they continued to fail ahead of the Canadian goal. This result poses a serious risk of classifying Esmeraldas into the next stage because the visiting tie is decided within a week.

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Waiting to see what he will do Montreal In view Athletic Pontoza This Thursday, the United States He did not disappoint and made it clear that he was going with all his might to win his eighth title in the continental competition.