November 28, 2022

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America faces another vulnerability; Emerges from its most controversial player


The Club of America Thanked him To one of his The most controversial players In the last months, well Renato Iberra, Who was involved in the corruption of the attack on his wife, He leaves Copa To play Xolos from Tijuana.

In the last days It has already been suggested that Ecuador will not pursue eaglesWell, after playing with him Atlas For a few months, he returned to the team where he thought He gets a second chance; Regrettable It’s not like that.

Xolos announces signing of Renato Iberra

By Report The Just Revealed that Agreement with the United States And they were made services Renato Iberra, 30-year-old Ecuadorian attacker.

“The Club Tijuana formalizes arrival Ecuador Flyer Renato Iberra Like new Reinforcement Facing 2022 ends. Speed, agility and experience in Mexican football through the wings are the hallmarks of a Rojinegro strategist. Sebastian Mendes By being in their line New player to Xoloitzcuintle Renato Iberra ”, it reads.

Ibarra arrived in Mexico in 2016 With United States After being with him for a while Speed From the Netherlands; It was Champion With eagles MX League When 2018 Opening Ceremony and 2019 Copa MX, Except Champions of Champions Same year.

In 2020 remaining For a few months Atlas, Then Coapa returned As mentioned and Now he has a contract with Xolos, One of the most interesting movements 2022 ends Until now.

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In addition Renato Iberra, USA Even Has arrived Sebastian Cordova, The player who left with Piojo Herrera Tigers.