May 20, 2022

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Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of sexually abusing her with a bottle

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Charges everywhere Judgment What they have Amber Heard and Johnny DeppThe most infamous ex-husbands in Hollywood after this Thursday He testified that he had “sexually abused” himself And a month after getting married in 2015, the actor was on the set of the fifth installment when he threatened to “cut off his face with a broken bottle” during a heated argument. Caribbean island pirates.

Actress of Son of the OceanAge 36, several cases have been reported It is said to be physical and sexual abuse During Debbie’s second day witnessing the defamation lawsuit filed against her, she became publicly “good” at the scandal, which cost her a lot of money and prestige as an actor in Hollywood.

Hart presented his version About an incident Would have taken place in March 2015 In Australia, contrary to Depp’s claim, it was his “angry” ex-wife who cut off the tip of one of his fingers with a bottle of vodka.

The actress said she was confronted by her ex-husband about drinking He also challenged her to take a bottle from him: “I took the bottle and threw it on the ground (…) it made him very angry,” he added, adding that Deb threw “bottles and cans” at him. .

“Sometimes he put a broken bottle on my face, neck and jaw He said he would cut my face“, She recalled with a broken voice, after which Depp tore her robe and accused her of raping her with a bottle.

“Johnny had the bottle in me and he put it in me again and again.”He said the actor, who plays Jack Sparrow, had repeatedly threatened to kill himself.

He claimed to have escaped, and the next morning Depp discovered that he had written “irregular” messages on all surfaces of the house using blood from his fingers, food and paint.