November 28, 2022

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Allianza was expelled from the Congolese League

Allianza will continue to shine internationally because it is not enough. He dominated, but never promised to find the front goal of a more brilliant communicator, he waited, and in the end he won his prize for 1-0.

In the absence of Narciso Orellana or goalkeeper Mario Gonzalez, the talkie team suffered and showed the need to state their preferences because at the regional level the team would not depart and would be far from showing superiority in the local league.

Although the locals tried to break the bar, the inaccurate and fixed centers for the area could not find a receiver, thus, little by little their options were exhausted.

Just then in the 87th minute Lago found a ball in that spot and scored 0-1 after the locals had given up. All you have to do is sign your classification.


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