Aliens In The Wild, Wild West – DVD Review

Aliens In The Wild, Wild West

Aliens In The Wild, Wild West is a 1999 kids flick that should have stayed in 1999. With hot new packaging that slightly resembles the summer blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens,  Aliens In The Wild, Wild West was recently released on DVD, but it’s still the same lackluster film that came out in 1999, except now its dated and looks even more horrible than it did back then.
Here’s the scoop: Sara and Tom Johnson, two bored teenagers, jump back in time to the old west, where they meet a friendly baby alien whose ship has just crashed. Together, they team up to save the baby's mother, who has been kidnapped by some greedy townies.
Right from the beginning of the film when you notice the dads voice had been overdubbed entirely, you know you’re in trouble with this late 90s kiddie schlock. There are no redeeming values for adults in this movie and kids might be taken back by the poor man’s muppet-like creatures that take up much too much screen time.
For kids that want tall tales, the Harry Potter films or Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief are a much better bet than this poor attempt at storytelling.