November 30, 2022

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Alexis Vega was isolated for causing a car accident

Mexico City /

Alexis Vega, Football player Sivas, That was pointed out on social websites The car caused the accident, Though Not involved In the crash, one of the Twitter users confirmed that it was his fault that another vehicle collided with him.

According to user @Luisaguifay, the footballer who tried to hit the vehicles in front of him collided with the car coming from behind as he did not let the victim hit him. Him.

“The truck behind me and Alexis’ truck (I knew it was him after the crash) were ‘throwing the car over’. I wanted to go inside without turning on the turn signal. As I was entering the entrance, Alexis even wanted to hit me He threw the truck at me I stopped it, but it went faster than the truck behind me and hit me, “said the user of the little bluebird’s social network.

When he passed me I knew it was Alexis Vega Because the one who lowered the glass and turned around and laughed that he got what he wanted (inside), the one who did not let it collide with me, ”he added.

Alexis Vega’s answer

After the signal, the Element of the holy flock He used his account on the same social network to respond to the user who reported what happened. “Hahaha, am I to blame? Make no mistake, it’s not my fault they do not know how to drive. “Vega replied, ending the conversation with that answer.

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