August 16, 2022

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Alexis Vega Gale Sandoval asked not to stay in Sivas: new scandal?

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They place the attack as an element that can present their vision regarding the elements that can be incorporated into the template.

© Imago7Alexis Vega asked Gail Sandoval not to stay

What a situation at the Guadalajara club emerged when Alexis Vega’s interception was known As the soldiers arrived on campus, he asked the training staff he led Ricardo Cadena says Walter Gayle Sandoval is not registered as a support for the 2022 opening match No further details were given as to what prompted the striker to demand this situation.

This is a fact by renewing the contract The Guru, his voice and voice all became very relevant among the servants of the Holy Flock And he was practically never one of the team leaders and was never considered the main leader in the locker room, although he did inform the strategist. He did not accept that Gail was staying in the campaign starting next weekend.

According to the commentator, Geronimo Camperos from Jalisco TV and Radiogram, Vega approached Cadena if Sandoval continued As one of the football players in early 2022, this was asked by the strategist. He does not want to unleash any enmity between his elements and will accept the opinion of the scorer.

“Kadana needed Gale, there are two teams in Sivas, strong, Alexis said no. In that sense, yes (players rule). Alexis spoke directly to the technician and said no, no, no. Following the call was the idea of ​​the training staff., The spokesman was part of a comment on the Duro de Margar project, while he lamented Vega’s kind of attitude.

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Ricardo Palace is waiting for Ricardo Cadena to make a mistake

On the other hand, despite being a young coach, he said Guadalajara has done a good job since coming away with five wins in seven games. From your point of view Director of Sports, Ricardo Beles is waiting for him to make a mistake:“Ricardo Cadena knows he did well last season and his credit is there, but with Mr. Peles, They will wait for the first (sic) as they did for Vusedich and Dena ”.

Watch the video with reports starting at 8:00 p.m.

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