September 30, 2022

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Alexis Gutiérrez will come to the CD Tapatio, and everything mentions that it is just another ‘case’ like Paulo Yirisar.


Flock midfielder and youth squad Guadalajara will come with the option of buying pearls on a one-year loan.

Guttierez did not count on Juan Reinoso
© Figure 7Guttierez did not count on Juan Reinoso

Luxury signing CD Tapatio, தி Sivas? Various sources confirm that Alexis Gutiérrez will be coming to Clausura 2022 with a one-year loan to the rojiblancos subsidiary with a purchase option. As always and according to the same information, ‘Kutty’ will be coming to Akron Stadium this Thursday to formalize his presentation.

+ Chivas Stove Football Liga MX Clausura goes to 2022

Although initially it was seen as a reinforcement for the set Richard Chain, The truth is, his case is similar to that of Pavlo Yiriser, who was announced to be signing the CD Tapatio, but he was added to the directing team. Michael Leono.

However, wherever the cutthroat is registered, As he is 24 years old, the offensive midfielder can still play with the herd in Clausura 2022. The Lyon native is 21 years old on his identity card and the rules of the tournament allow him to participate in the maximum rounds even if he is not registered in the first team.

With a Sivas youth team and the ability to move from the start, he packed his bags for the Cement team in 2019 after paying $ 1.5 million. However, his stay in Azteca was not as expected Robert Tonde Cipoldi and Juan Rhinoso They gave him the minutes he wanted.

Therefore, an exit was requested with the intention of restarting the life of a football player on whom many hopes rested. With a left profile and the ball at his feet with excellent qualities, Guterres will see Verde Valle in the loss of La Noria facilities.

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