May 17, 2022

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Alex Chap, a businessman associated with the Maduro government, is “an informant for the US DEA”

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Image source, Reuters


Chop mug shot.

He is considered a key ally of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and is said to have been an “active” collaborator with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Court documents released Wednesday in the United States indicate that Colombian businessman Alex Chap, who was detained in Miami, has been collaborating with U.S. authorities for nearly 12 months since 2018, facing a money laundering trial. His “criminal activity” and the transfer of money to the DEA as part of a deal culminated in his voluntary surrender to face charges.

According to these documents, the Colombian businessman agreed “that Bribed government officials gGovernment From Venezuela In connection with the contracts awarded for the provision of food to Venezuela“.

It is also mentioned that in 2016 he met with FBI and DEA agents in Bogot, who provided them with information about alleged deals with the Maduro government to “build community housing”.