November 28, 2022

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Albert Ellis was a man with Bovista in Portugal; Scored and assisted in the win over Pellens – ten

Honduran Albert Ellis was the Bowista person in Portugal this Sunday. He scored his fifth league goal and won 2-0 against Balenciala. “Los Panteros” was in a hurry to win, giving them a break and reaching 24 points.

Catracho’s scoring started automatically, then he ran and went to the center of the small area where he had to push the ball as he played in the 59th minute. This is the fifth goal of Portugal for “La Ponderita” in Liga NOS.

Take a look. This is a chart of the situation in Portugal

Minute 44 was played when he finished with his left foot and opened the scoring after he ran down to the left, giving the assist the first goal and getting into the area past Angel Gomes, before giving up an assist on the first goal.

Other caterpillars, George Penguch, 10 days ago when he was in Greece to play with the national team he was isolated because he was tested positive for the corona virus and he was not cited for this confirmation.

Bovista has 21 points and is at the bottom of the table, just like the National de Madrid he plays for. Brian Rochess. Ellis has four inputs in the match and is constantly trying to increase his percentage.

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