September 29, 2022

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Against the University. Game Crystal; Live | Phase 1 – League 1 | Directly and directly on the Goal Internet | GOLTV LIVE | See U versus. SC Online here | | Football-Peruvian

Sporting Crystalline 15 ‘GOOOOOOOOOL. Panel Hoberg changes it to 1-0.

Pena by Sporting Crystal. Alonso Merlo and Espinosa are fined.

12 & # 39; Olivares won a corner after the identification of Albacom and Murugara.

9 & # 39; Laura Carvalho takes the shot towards the goal, the goal against Crystal is over.

8 ‘Lewis takes a free kick, but the ball hits Sporting Crystal’s defense.

6 Dangerous free for ‘U’.

5 & ​​# 39; Rickelm reaches the bottom, but his shot is too weak and the ball is taken by Carvalho without problems.

1 & # 39; Now Guttierez is centered on the left, but never wins again. Solis goes back downstairs to Crystal.

Rickelm realizes after a confrontation with Quina. The attacker made little sense.

The first dangerous play was for the university. Corso passed from the right, but Guterres did not come. He plays with Solis.

It was already played at the National Stadium! University and Sports Crystal.

Universitario and Crystal holders are already on the field. The game starts at 3:30 p.m. Match Referee Michael Espinosa.

Carvillo greets Avila and Loyola at the mine gate before leaving the field.

The players are now ready to jump on the national stadium field.

Players University and Sports Crystal They do hot work in the dressing room area.

Jose Carvalho And ‘U’ goalkeepers also came out to do hot work.

With Renato Solis In the head, the soldiers Game Crystal They go out to do their respective warming up on the court National Stadium.

Let’s remember it for the match against it Game Crystal, Comiso Gerson decided to set Barreto aside and he would replace him from the start George Murrugarra.

✔️ Glass replacements

Duarte, Villalda, Loyola, Brittel, Castillo, Avila and Coroso.

✔️ University Substitutes

Jupsuk, Carteros, Chavez, Sevalos, Valera, Quispe and Larios.

Confirmed line of Sporting Crystal

Solas, Lora, a. Gonzalez, Merlo, Madrid, Tavara, Calcadora, c.

Confirmed college alignment | Comiso commands these eleven with only one variation on Meringes’ starting lineup.

Carvalho, Quina, Valverde, Corso, Alonso, Murrugarra, Novic, Albacam, Quintero, Gutierrez and Urdu.

This is how the national stadium is looking for today’s match

Team Roberto Mosquera This will vary according to your final commitment to the Copa Libertadores.

Remandian players comply with all protocols before entering the Jose Dias Colossus.

Crystal game that came on the national stage

With a video on social media, Universitario announces its competition with Sporting Crystal this afternoon.

This Sunday, Universitario and Sporting Crystal play for the 5th day of League 1.

The university announces the competition with Crystal through its social networks.

Sports Crystal coach Roberto Mosquera advised football fans to stay home to continue playing football on Sundays.

Angel Camiso will start these eleven to face the game Crystal: Carvalho; Corso, Alonso, Millan, Valverde; Albachem, Murrugara, Novik, Quintero, Uruti; Gutters.

Michael Espinosa will officiate the match between Universitario and Sporting Crystal. For more than a year, a game will be played again on Sunday for League 1.

Against the University. Game Crystal: | Game What time?

Universitario vs. Competition. The game is scheduled for 3:30 pm at Crystal Peru. However, if you are in another part of the world, you can check out the following list to link to the start time of the match between ‘Creams’ and ‘Celeste’

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Pere – 3:30 p.m.

Mexico – 3:30 p.m.

Ecuador – 3:30 p.m.

Colombia – 3:30 p.m.

Chile – 4:30 p.m.

Argentina – 5:30 p.m.

Brazil – 5:30 p.m.

Espana – 10:30 pm

Against the University. Game Crystal | How and where to look?

The match between Universitario and Sporting Crystal will only be televised on goalie screens. Also, if you are a Movistar cable customer, you can watch the game from the Movistar Play app.

This Sunday, Universitario and Sporting play for Crystal League 1 as both teams rest in their respective teams. The tournament is valid for 3 points and will take place this Sunday 25th April at 3:30 pm in Peru, where you will find all the details of the game.