November 28, 2022

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Against Peru. Live for Columbia Qualifiers: Live View via Movistar Deportes and Latin Transmission Minute by 7m free matches by date within 7m | Live football

Against Peru. Colombia This Thursday, June 3, they will meet at the National Stadium in Lima. The match corresponds to the seventh day Qualification Qatar 2022 It will be played from 9:00 pm (Peruvian time). The transmission can be followed by Movistar Deportes and Latina. You can find all the details of the meeting on the website and in the special section Playoffs.

R.P.B. The game will be broadcast nationwide on its 89.7 FM signal. You can watch the game in Colombia Snail TV.

After about seven months, the qualifying players are back Peruvian choice It sets its sights on the competition that Qatar is not close to 2022.

Only one of the twelve possible points begins to add ‘bicolor’ and take into account the local position Colombia It is not defeated throughout the process Ricardo Carreca He has not achieved it since 1981 in qualifying.

The coach admitted that negative records on the defensive side led him to consider changes to his game proposal, but that he would eventually have chosen the system with a positive effect on the previous process.

Thus, the Peruvian choice He will return with a trident in midfield and return to 1-4-2-3-1, with both Renato Tobia and Yoshimir Jotten on the axis.

Colombia has strengths in its wings, so Kareka thinks about the dynamics and momentum to strengthen those areas, as well as a way to counter-attack. Aldo Corso will take the right-handers, leaving Luis Advancula on the same track, albeit at midfield height. On the left, Miguel Draco will face Peru’s top scorer Andre Guerrero in the current match.

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Without Zambrano, the couple behind Louis Abrams aim to be Christian Ramos, more present than Miguel Arazo and more of a sense of Santa Maria.

Christian Cueva, currently prominent in Arabia, is assigned to ‘Tigre’. In addition, it will reappear on the team Paulo Guerrero, After recovering from his knee problems he will come back and be the captain. Gianluca Labatula And Raul Ruidas will be the replacement.

Peru vs Colombia: Tables in the world

Pere: 9.00pm
Colombia: 9.00pm
Ecuador: 9.00pm
United States: 10.00 pm (ET) / 7.00 pm (PT)
Mexico: 9.00pm
Costa Rica: 8 p.m.
Bolivia: 10.00pm
Paraguay: 10.00pm
Venezuela: 10.00pm
Chile: 10.00pm
Argentina: 11.00pm
Brazil: 11.00pm
Uruguay: 11.00pm
España: 4.00 am (04/05)
Italy: 4.00 am (04/05)
France: 4.00 am (04/05)

Peru is indebted to Colombia

Since Ricardo Carrega is the coach, The Peruvian choice He faced the ‘coffee farmers’ 7 times and never won. The environment today aims to be different, as rivals like James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao would appear in Lima without attacking references.

This will be the first scene Reynolds Ruda, The coach who already knocked Kareka out with the Chilean diver last November, but suffered defeats against the ‘two colors’.

Atlanta’s Duan Sabada and Luis Muriel will form the attacking duo, and the strategist is still exploring the inclusion of Edwin Cardona in his initial plan.

Peru vs Colombia: Possible Alignments

Peru: Point Pedro Kallis; Aldo Corso, Christian Ramos, Luis Abrams, Miguel Truco; Renato Tobias, Yoshimer Jordan, Luis Advancula, Christian Cueva, Andre Carrillo; Paulo Guerrero.

Colombia: David Ospina; Stephen Medina, Devinson Sanchez, Jerry Mina, William DeCillo; Juan Quatrado, Wilmer Barrios, Matthias Eurip, Luis Theos; Duan Sabada, Louis Muriel.

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