December 10, 2022

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Against Pereira. National: Results and Goals BetPlay League 2021 -II – Colombian Football – Sports

Deportivo Pereira The league gave a big surprise of 2021-II by losing 3-2 National Athletics This Saturday, at the Hernான்n Ramres Villages Stadium. This is Greens’ first defeat in the championship.

Although goalkeeper Harlon Castillo did not ask for much, the first half went to Nacional, who managed the game and dominated the game. Perera waited in his court and counterattacked.

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Another thing, the second half, in which both teams showed the intent to attack and the match was open. National victory first: Two minutes later, after a cross from Andres Andrade on the left, Jefferson Duke opened the scoring with a header.

Six minutes later, there was a controversial play: referee Nicolas Gallo, with the help of the VAR, canceled an action that ended in a goal by Deportivo Pereira, who was accused of abusing goalkeeper Kevin Mierre.

However, Pereira did not lose momentum. In the 13th minute, Wilfriedo de la Rosa equalized after Kaisen Perea had left in an attempt to clear the ball.

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At the age of 17, another error by Peria, who missed a ball out of his area, put Wilfriedo de la Rosa ready to score the second goal of the match.

Pereira recalled his demons and scored again in the last 15 minutes of the game. At the age of 33, Danovis Pancuvero took the lead after an indictment from Andrade.

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Alejandro Pietrohatta, who was on the court for a few minutes after receiving a pass from Brian Lyon, was leading the bid with side and side options until the end of the area. His team won at 45 + 2.

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