December 1, 2022

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Chile football team recognizes health deficiency in Copa America delegation

Credit: Douglas Magno / AFP via Getty Images

(Reuters) – The Chilean football team admitted on Sunday that the Copa America delegation in Brazil had to comply and that those involved would be financially sanctioned for violating health regulations.

After several hours of speculation on social networks and media, the Football Federation and the “red”, as the local committee is known, released a brief statement explaining the situation, but without pointing out those responsible.

The breach occurred as “unauthorized entry of the hairdresser should not be in contact with the players, despite a negative PCR test.”

“We regret what caused this situation. On Saturday, June 19, all delegates reported a negative PCR test,” he added.

The media has isolated Inter Milan star Arturo Vidal and defender Gary Medal from those finally involved.

The Chilean team will face Uruguay on Monday in the group stage of the continental tournament.

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