Aerosmith Give Calgary A Hall Of Fame Worthy Performance


Aerosmith5 stars

Aerosmith / Joan Jett
Pengrowth Saddledome
Calgary, Alberta
September 10, 2010

By Tiffany Sarah Simth
Photo By Ben Checkowy

I’ve learned that talent does not have an age and after this concert it definitely doesn’t have an expiry date. Both Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and Aerosmith rocked Calgary with a perfect balance of sex appeal, rock and roll and everlasting Talent.

Joan Jett owned the stage from beginning to end just with her vocals and stage presence. The performance lacked something, but no one would dare mention it due to the overwhelming natural talent she holds. She captured each and every one of the 10,000 fans that filled the Saddledome, starting with “Bad Reputation” and following it up with “Cherry Bomb” from her first band “The Runaways.” She played a few new ones and a lot of classics that made fans want more and even got a standing ovation of dancing and singing fans when she sang the all time favorite” I Love Rock And Roll.”

Jett ruled the night with her raspy vocals that were perfectly edgy. She really proved herself to be a legendary true-blooded, bad ass rock and roll female.

After an hour of waiting, the Gods of rock took the stage with instant energy and a performance that confirmed it was going to be a jaw dropping experience. Not only celebrating the years of music and different stages of their careers, they also celebrated Joe Perry’s 60th birthday on stage with Joan Jett and a birthday cake. And let’s not forget about the mouth to mouth kiss from a sassy Joan Jett herself!

Watching them perform on stage, especially Steven Tyler, you wouldn’t even guess that these were older men. Tyler owned the runway, wearing skin tight zebra printed tights and a shiny Michael Jackson style jacket and hat that was designed to impress. He shimmied and tossed the mic stand like it was a toy and with intense pelvis thrusts, twists and turns. He got even closer with fans, sharing the mic and ordering a fan to hand over her top hat, which he wore perfectly.

Such a electric stage set up full of energy, with perfect backdrops that matched every song, the band rolled through their classic hits all night. My favorite was the worldwide classic “ I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” they played the Armageddon video which I’m sure brought tears to guests eyes – and the amount of emotion and vocal strength Tyler showed was immaculate.  He really was out to prove his talent – his vocals rocked the ol’ dome like never before and even received standing ovations multiple times.

I really enjoyed the solo’s that each member of the band did and as a whole they played like a family. You could not feel any tension between the band, who either hid it very well or couldn;t care less while on the stage this night. They performed like best friends up on the stage. Each member looked stable and not a note off. I really didn’t see any effects of the accused drug and drinking issues until Joe Perry fell to the floor after beating his guitar with his belt. That showed the true soul of hard rock and roll living.

I must say it was a blast of surprise and talent when the band came back to life in the encore where they blew the fans away with “Walk This Way” and “Dream On.” I left impressed and wanting more. This show will always be a favorite of mine and it goes into my Rock and Roll Concert Hall of Fame!

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