Aerosmith Finally Give Saskatoon A Show To Remember

AerosmithAerosmith / Joan Jett
Credit Union Centre
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
September 12, 2010

Photo By: Ben Checkowy

Aerosmith graced us with their presence at the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon SK. While some of us held our breath wondering if they would cancel for a third time in Saskatchewan, we were pleasantly surprised when they finally appeared on stage. They started the performance with The Same Old Song and Dance, but unlike the title, this show was not the same ol’, same ol’.

Steven Tyler still has resilience. He wore lime green pants, a see-through black t-shirt with a silver leopard pattern on the front, and a whack of jewelry. Even his fingernails were adorned with silver studs. He did not look like a tired old rocker, but a man with a mission. He accomplished that mission in every way. The sold out crowd remained standing for the entire concert. Tyler played the harmonica during What It Takes, and Cryin’, and then threw his harmonicas out for a lucky fan to keep. He gave a physically powerful performance throughout the show. Personally, I thought that this 62 year old man would perhaps weaken mid show and let the others help him out with vocals. Not a chance. He did not falter and impressed me with his stamina and charisma. He enjoyed every minute of it.

The band performed hits such as Love in an Elevator, Jaded and Rag Doll as if it were his first show. If there were any animosity between Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, it was not evident here. Both men remained professional throughout the show and thrilled all the throngs of people.

Tyler joked around and asked Tom Hamilton (guitar) to get a close up photograph of him on a cell phone. As the cameras panned in he whispered, “Blow Me” and smiled. Some one has that photograph stored on their cell phone. At one point he grabbed a Saskatchewan Roughrider hat from a fan and wore it while he sang Cryin’. Between songs Tyler sang “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?” by The Beatles. I don’t know if he meant it to be a ‘poll the audience’ question, but the response was an awe-inspiring YES!

Joe Perry, now at age 60, showed no signs of slowing down any time soon. He had at least 8 different guitars with him and I don’t think he played the same one twice. Perry played Sweet Emotion with his guitar neck under his left leg, and then during Draw The Line, he took off his belt and whipped his guitar keeping the rhythm at all times. Perry said he had met a six-year-old boy who told him he played guitar hero and played Aerosmith’s songs and that he could beat Perry. At that point Perry went head to head against the guitar hero Perry on the big screen. It was fast, furious guitar wars. I won’t tell you who won because you should go see the show!

Aerosmith’s stage was eye candy for everyone. Across the top were four smaller screens; in the middle were medium sized screens, and a large screen at center stage. There was an array of different video clips, movie clips and images playing during the show. The light show was different then the normal colored lights and it was refreshing to see that some creative thought was put into it.  Of course, I missed most of that because I was focused on Steven Tyler and Joe Perry!

This concert is worth spending your laundry money on to see. It just might be the last opportunity you have to rock with Aerosmith.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts backed up Aerosmith. Joan can still belt out the vocals and sounds great. She sang hits from when she was in the Runaways like Cherry Bomb and School Days. They also performed Crimson & Clover, I Love Rock and Roll and Bad Reputation. They had a great show and were playing like it was the 1980s.