December 10, 2022

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Adam Toledo: Video of a policeman killing a Latin minor with his hands shook Chicago | International

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has called on citizens to calm down in the wake of the outbreak this Thursday. A video from the Chicago Police shows a 13-year-old boy, Adam Toledo, being shot dead. Of an agent. The event took place on March 29 in La Villida, a Hispanic neighborhood. Camera footage attached to the policeman’s uniform shows him driving a car and then running up an alley. At the moment of the shot, facing the agent back, you can see how the teenager raised his hands.

Following the incident, the police said they found a handgun at the scene and it was said to be in the possession of a minority. The New York Times This is the second video released by the authorities and detailed analysis of the slow images this Thursday. In the moments leading up to the shoot, step Times, Adam can be seen appearing as a weapon, before he raises his hands and falls behind a wooden wall. Everything happens so fast in a fraction of a second. The policeman, identified as 34-year-old Eric Stillman, shouted, “Stop it now!”, “Show me your hands!”, “Throw it away!” Then the shot is heard and the guy collapses.

The release of the images on behalf of the Office of Civil Police Response (COPA) was scheduled for several days, and with the investigation into George’s death, the police were anxiously awaiting a particularly tense time due to recent cases of brutality. Floyd confronts home extension in Minneapolis and the death of another teenager arrested last Sunday. He was also one of the youngest to be killed by police over the years.

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The film shows the police requesting an emergency ambulance, checking the wound and telling the boy in full pain, “Stay with me, stay with me.” Agents were chasing Toledo and 21-year-old Ruben Roman, who were said to have been with him that night. The arrested Roman is accused of illegally using a weapon and endangering minorities.

Mayor Lightfoot called the episode an “incredibly painful tragedy” and asked people to speak “quietly” during the protests that took place this Thursday night. Adina Weiss Ortiz, a lawyer for the Toledo family, told Reuters that Toledo complied with police orders, dropped his gun and raised his hands. The department added the legend to a picture in the video: “838 milliseconds between the weapon in hand and a single shot.” “I don’t know if the agent had enough time, I know he was trained not to kill an unarmed person.”

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