Adam Lambert To Return To American Idol Prior To Album Release

Adam LambertAdam Lambert is scheduled to return to American Idol for a performance of his new single Never Close Our Eyes. The song is the second single from his long awaited second album Trespassing, which will be released on May 15 in Canada through RCA/Sony Music. It is expected to be released as early as May 11 in New Zealand and Japan.

Never Close Our Eyes, written by Bruno Mars, Lukasz Gottwald, Phillip Lawrence, Ari Levine and Henry Walter, is expected to get a push to radio in late May. The track was produced by Dr. Luke and Cirkut.
The new album features 12 new songs for its regular edition with up to 5 extra tracks for various editions around the world. The Deluxe US and Canadian edition will feature three additional tracks, while the Japanese and UK versions will add totally different tracks, for up to 17 new songs.

Different versions of the album are available with a special edition box set with a vapour sky print for $260. This unique package is limited to 100 copies. created a visual rendering of the waveform of Adam’s new title track, “Trespassing”, which was sliced into 100 completely unique sections, each made of up roughly 2.09 seconds of the song, and printed on a 24″x18” canvas. Each print is hand-numbered on the back and features the exact section of the song included in the design.

 Adam Lambert Trespassing

Trespassing Track List:

1. Trespassing
2. Cuckoo
3. Shady
4. Never Close Our Eyes
5. Kick In
6. Naked Love
7. Pop That Lock
8. Better Than I Know Myself
9. Broken English
10. Underneath
11. Chokehold
12. Outlaws Of Love
13. Runnin’ (Deluxe)
14. Take Back (Deluxe)
15. Nirvana (Deluxe)
16. By The Rules (Japanese)
17. Map (UK)