December 7, 2022

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Actress Interview Navidat Kovid-19 was urgently embedded

Mexico City, Mexico

Actress Patti Navidat has been suffering from health problems since she was 19 years old at a hospital in Mexico City, which she apparently liked on the record set of Master Chef Celebrity Program.

The celebrity pointed out on his social networks a few days ago that he was healthy and that he had not been positively tested for the corona virus, which in many cases claimed that it was a lie of world governments to keep communities in check.

Early on Tuesday morning, after a unit of the emergency medical rescue team went to her home for him, some evidence confirmed that Grandma Navidat had been admitted to the emergency room.

The celebrity woman was told she could no longer breathe, which is why it was decided that she should be intuitive after being admitted to the hospital, although these statements were not confirmed by her or her representatives.

The star of La Fia Mass Bella has caused controversy on several occasions for her stance on the current health crisis because she seems to have invented a new world order that seeks to create social panic for control reasons.

In fact, when he denied reports of his infection, he asked not to be deceived or manipulated by information about the infection and his health, promising that he was healthy and without any symptoms.

“I think no one in the world suffers from the disease.Deadly virusWithout a trace, as they now say is the case of me and many of my colleagues. Let’s say fear is not a virus! “Then he wrote on his Instagram profile.

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“The corona virus has always been, and its worst is not what they say, don’t be fooled. I repeat my respect for those who think differently from me, but like them I deserve respect, though I think very differently from the majority.”

Pose Christmas Faced with the virus, it was not the only controversy that haunted his life in recent years, although perhaps the strongest of all, his networks were canceled for allegedly promoting hate messages in its publications.

Many Internet users have pointed to the artist’s current situation as a contradiction in terms, and recalled his most controversial moments, such as the times when he expressed his full support for former President Donald Trump’s policies. , Described as one of the racist leaders the United States has ever seen.