September 30, 2022

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Abinadar: From June 1, motorcyclists will be required to wear underwear with an identification number

From June 1, all motorcyclists in the country will be identified with underwear with a unique number, which will be used within the comprehensive strategy for the safety of citizens as part of the measures announced by President Louis Abinader.

“Until June 1, we will identify all motorcycles with a unique number using underwear. Through this we intend to reduce the number of people who use motors without a license and in many cases the crimes associated with their use.”, He explained.

He noted two major technical leaps It will take place in the country within that plan, such as the implementation of a platform that allows direct and real-time communication between citizens and the police.

“From their cell phone, with one application or application, each Dominican can file a complaint with videos, photos and texts from the scene of the incident, and follow their case,” he said.

A second breakthrough in crime fighting technology will begin A state-of-the-art police crime laboratory that can collect and forensic DNA samples, ballistics, fingerprints and other branches of the criminal industry.

“Both the technical platform and the criminal laboratory are already in the process of submitting plans to select the most convenient once the evaluation and procurement processes have been approved.”

We will move from a completely analog police to a more efficient digital one that will allow us to collect, analyze and make operational results based on reliable data processed in real time, which equates to the transformation of the current Citizens Safety Laboratory. New and updated Center for Citizen Security Analysis.

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