November 28, 2022

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Aberdera – Tees regains leadership of the match with another blow to power against El Vita Plattenz

Al Life There is no one to stop it. The Coconut team won 3-1 Platteness At Ceibeño Stadium on the 17th Opening Match 2021 Through this they regained the leadership position.

The Coconut Trees fell to Real Spain with 36 points, one unit lower than the National League standings and only one match between Vida and Arinekros in first place.

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The Life Goalkeeper Jose Pineda scored from the penalty spot in the fourth minute against Alexander Aguilar after an error early in the game. Platteness.

Carlos Sanchez was in charge of executing the penalty kick, which he did not miss. He took a powerful left foot and tricked the guard of the sharks.

At 24 minutes, the Life Able to increase the advantage, a luxury pass from Luis Palma to Angel Djedo ended up in excellent control of the forward and took a powerful shot, but Jose Bineda saved his team.

The Platteness He did little or nothing in the first half, Aldo Fazardo got a filtered pass in the 39th minute and could not finish before goalkeeper Roberto Lopez left. That was all they had in the first 45 minutes.

Another destination from Palma

There were even goals and dismissals in the second half. In the 60th minute Guillermo Savasco entered Alexander Aguilar and he touched the court.

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Four minutes later, Savasco showed it to be 2-0 with an amazing left foot, which bounced off the post and then went to the back of the net.

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The party seemed doomed, but Platteness He responded with 73 runs. Willian Moncada scored 2-1, with a cross from the right and a recently entered attacker pushing the ball only to his chest. He played at Ceibeño Stadium.

The game ended in a goalless draw for Thiburon in the 75th minute when George Cardona was sent off. Things got complicated with one less player.

Two penalties came in the 81st over, with a goal from Luis Palma from a free kick. 3-1 is the final Life A lonely leader. Of course, there will be a final against Real Spain for the lead on the last date.


Life: Roberto Lopez, Carlos Arquetta, Anthony Garcia, Juan Pablo Montes, Denis Melandes, Carlos Sanchez, Sergio Pena, Roger Sander, Alexander Aguilar, Angel Djeda and Luis Palma.

Platteness: José Pineda, Marcos Martínez, César Oseguera, Andrade, Mendoza, Richard Zúniga, Montoya, Jorge Cardona, Aranda, Santos and Aldo Fajardo.

Life: 3

Goals: Carlos Sanchez PEN. Minimum 6, Savasco Mini. 64, Louis Palma Mini. 81

Yellow Cards: Carlos Argueta Min. 62

Changes: Anthony Garcia Mini. Ederson Funes to 46, Savasco to Alexander Aguilar. 60, Dejeta Mini. 70 to Marvin Bernadette, Louis Palma Mini. Lucas Lescano for 86, Jeffrey Flores for Juan Pablo Montes. 86

Plateness: 1

Goals: Willian Moncota Mini. 73

Yellow Cards: Jorge Cardona Mini. 10, Henry Reyes Mini. 68, Android Mini. 74, Mendoza Mini. 78.

Red Cards: Jorge Cardona Mini. 75.

Changes: Henry Reyes to Santos Min 28, Willian Moncada to Aldo Fajardo Min 67, Richard Zúniga Min. 40, José Domínguez for Aranda Min. 40, Santos for Henry Reyes Min. 40

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Central Referee: Hector Rodriguez