September 29, 2022

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A woman dies with her daughter in the Arizona desert

A Colombian immigrant in the Arizona desert has died with his 11-year-old daughter while trying to reach the United States. To reunite with her husband. Their 3-year-old son was traveling with them, and he was the only one who survived.

Claudia Marcela Pena, heat-distracted and frustrated Yuma called 911 911 from the Arizona area for help. “How many people are with you?” Asks the operator In the call revealed by Telemundo. “Two guys, please help me, I’m going throughThe hopeless woman responds.

In the background one of the children is heard saying: “Mom, I’m hungry.”

The woman planned to meet her husband again in the United States. Catch up via Telemundo News

The operator sent a WhatsApp message to share the woman’s location. The call lasted a few seconds as her cell phone battery ran out.

Upon arrival, Border Patrol found her and the little girl dead. The three-year-old boy, who was near his mother’s body, was transferred to an Arizona hospital.

Both would have died from the high desert temperaturesAccording to the Colombian newspaper, their bodies showed no signs of violence Time. The coyote dropped the woman and the children crossing the border, According to his family.

Departed from El Dorado Airport in Bogota for Mexico on August 21; On Tuesday morning she flew to Tijuana, the same day, traveling by land to Mexico. A coyote is going to take them to the border“, Pena’s cousin Yeni Azevedo said on the radio station Blue Radio from Colombia.

I have no words to describe my feelings at this time, helplessness and the strength to carry my son at the same time I have to fight day and night for my son, “said Vector Hugo Morales, Pena’s husband and father of the children, in an interview with Nokia Telemundo.

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“I came to ask the Colombian Foreign Ministry and the Colombian government in the United States to recover the bodies of my wife and daughter who died between Mexico and Arizona,” Morales said. .

“He was looking for a better future for his children. He did not succeed. Only my son, who did that, was saved. This time he is not with me., But I do everything I can to deliver it, “he added.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to the El Timbo newspaper, noted that The child will be in the custody of the California Juvenile Center until it is defined who he or she will be with in the United States Or if he returns to Colombia. “