September 30, 2022

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A spectacular draw –

There will be no Premier League in the next two weeks but at least this Sunday Say goodbye in a big way to a match that defines the best league in the world: Enjoying the dominance of the competitor in many moments of the competition, the two favorites for a face-to-face fight for everything, Recovering from the setback, giving it a 2-2 final made everyone want more. The Liverpool-Manchester City affair is a battle that could take many years, As the biggest hit album to illustrate how the competition between ‘Red’ and ‘Citizens’ in the times of Globe and Cardiola was the most exciting and glamorous in the UK over the last decade.

Second and third in this Premier League, one and two points ahead of Chelsea in the current stages, the last four league titles are shared between the two teams. Manchester City had no goal when they put the Anfield team on the neck (which was throughout the first half) and Liverpool responded on a large scale after the break., Led by Imperial Mohammed Salah, has already scored in seven consecutive matches.

Pep Cardiola decided to give Greele nine places, with Gabriel Jesus and Photon on his side. However, the rhythm was again set by Bernardo Silva, As happened on Stamford Bridge a few weeks ago. The Portuguese were about to find the target of the season, but Fotan failed against Allison, Capital held the ‘red’ in the match in the first half. The city beat Liverpool, but did not open the distance. When Klopp’s men woke up, they attacked first: Mane’s goal for Salah’s pass.

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Photon was in charge of lifting the visiting group. His goal was to reward as many ‘citizens’ as possible throughout the game. Foten knocked Milner unconscious and, on the verge of ousting him, forced Klopp to trade for Joe Gomez.

Salah set the first stone in the fight this season to establish himself as the best footballer in the Premier League, and he found a great goal Defining the right against Ederson by wiping out three footballers at one interval. The Egyptian, once again a decisive one, believed he had given victory to Liverpool But in the second half City reacted for the second time and drew through de Bruyne, thanks to a shot from the edge. On the edge of the end Fabinho was supposed to give victory to Anfield, but Rodrigo’s amazing intervention in the small area allowed the points to be distributed.


Sterling (65 ‘, Greek), Roberto Firmino (67 ‘, Diego Jotta), Joe Gomez (77 ‘, Milner)


1-0, 58 ‘: Man, 1-1, 68 ‘: Photon, 2-1, 75 ‘: Wrong, 2-2, 80 ‘: De Bruyne


Referee: Paul Dearney
Referee VAR: Stuart Atwell
Ruben Diaz (25 ‘, yellow) Milner (41 ‘, yellow) Cancel (55 ‘, yellow) Diego Jotta (64 ‘, yellow) Bernardo Silva (77 ‘, yellow) Fabinho (82 ‘, yellow