November 28, 2022

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A professional boxer was shot dead in front of his sons and his girlfriend while they were out for Christmas Eve dinner.


27 dic 2021 01:35 GMT

Danny Kelly Jr. was driving his SUV to Temple Hills (Maryland, USA) when a car stopped nearby and someone fired at him from inside.

Danny Kelly Jr., an American professional boxer, was shot dead on December 24 in Maryland. According to Prince George County Police.

According to the preliminary version, the Clinton resident militant was on his way to Christmas dinner in nearby Temple Hills with his girlfriend and three children when a car pulled up next to his SUV and someone fired at him from inside.

Police arrived at the scene and found the militant unconscious in the driver’s seat Several gunshot wounds. Kelly Jr. was hospitalized alive, but died shortly afterwards. None of those who were with him were shot.

Provided by the Police $ 25,000 for information The killer must be identified and arrested.

“It’s a heartbreaking loss for Kelly’s family and friends. He’s not home today with his loved ones for Christmas. .

Kelly Jr., who competed in the heavyweight division, played in his last fight in October 2019, according to portal data. Boxreck. Throughout his life, he added Ten wins, Nine with knockout, one draw and three defeats.

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