September 27, 2022

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A new failure? Monterrey wrested an international treaty from the United States

The men from Monterrey announced the arrival of a South American winger several months ago with the Eagles interested.

The US should remove another potential signatory from the list
© Figure 7The US should remove another potential signatory from the list

A new tournament in Liga MX is approaching and the teams are preparing themselves as much as possible to face the Apertura 2022. America It suffered a bit in covering some areas, but so far the reinforcements have pleased fans, and the point is that once again a Club del Norte snatched a potential signature from him For the eagles.

From a few weeks RAyados of Monterey Began negotiations with Emelek of Ecuador Sign a talented winger, Joao RojasWho finally This Thursday he was given a new reinforcement of the gang

24 years old from Ecuador Six months ago he was included in the Copa squad, a possible deal was even managed for the player’s arrival, but it remained a simple rumour. Now, the folks at Monterrey jumped at the chance to sign a talent that could be useful for Liga MX.

In addition, Rojas is working in the United States Trying to strengthen for several monthsEven years. The bet is Pablo Solari, but the transfer was denied on two occasions, so Fernando Ortiz, for the time being, has to join footballers like Jurgen Tam and Alejandro Zentez, Roger Martinez, Salvador Reyes.

Although it may sound like a lot The possibility of closing the fourth companyThe Eagles must release one of their outfielders first, and so far none of them have received an offer.

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