A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song – DVD Review

A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A SongAs the title would suggest this is a modern day telling of the Cinderella Story. It features Lucy Hale as Katie who has incredible singing talent but is thwarted by her cruel stepmother, Missi Pyle. You have your obligatory “prince” Freddie Stroma, who is looking for new talent and falls for the wrong girl. There are a few other quirks to the story that make it interesting and keep it feeling “original” including a rather bratty little brother.

The Story (C+) – We all know the story … the trouble with most “remakes” is originality. This DVD was surprisingly good. I didn’t really go in with high expectations but the movie moved along well and definitely had its funny moments. To top it off the singing talent, musical numbers were well done. The weakest moment of the film is, unfortunately, the ending. It feels a bit rushed and doesn’t quite make sense. I don’t want to give any spoiler alerts but if you have the opportunity to watch this movie please give us your thoughts … to me Luke’s reaction to Katie is just odd.

Missi Pyle plays an annoying step-mother perhaps too well and is just annoying through the whole movie.

The DVD (B-) – There was really no down sides to the DVD. It is a well made movie and the DVD comes with a good set of special features that will entertain the target audience. Special features include a spotlight on Lucy Hale, a introduction to heartthrob Freddie Stroma, the ability to learn some of the dance moves from the film and a “Behind the Scenes” feature. To top it all off there is also the hot new music video for the song “Bless Myself”.

The pictures itself was just fine and the sound was fantastic.

The Conclusion (C+) – This movie was surprisingly entertaining. We weren’t quite prepared for just how good it would be and it kept our attention throughout the whole film. Obviously the film is geared towards a target audience (tweens) but is good entertainment for the whole family.