September 29, 2022

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A building near Miami collapsed somewhat

(CNN) – Surbsite Mayor Charles W. Bush said at least one person was killed when the building collapsed early Thursday morning. Burkett confirmed.

According to Burkett, the man was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“It simply came to our notice then. In the United States, buildings do not fall down, ”Burkett told CNN’s Leila Santiago.

The mayor told reporters that ten people were treated at the scene and the building was removed.

The mayor said the building was carrying out roofing work, but could not say whether it was a factor in the collapse.

The Miami-Date Fire Department (MDFR) said South Florida officials responded early Thursday morning to a “partial building collapse.”

“#Mdfr is where a building near 88 Street and Collins Avenue partially collapsed”. The company said in a tweet. This view is from a survey site a few miles north of Miami Beach.

The MDFR said in a separate statement that more than 80 rescue units, including technical rescue teams, were on the scene with the help of municipal fire departments.

For more information CNN Miami Beach Fire Rescue has arrived.

Video of the scene shows large debris and first responders near the damaged building.

Kimberly Morales told CNN that she had been living in a building across the street since the collapse and that she woke up to the building’s alarms and knocked on her door.

“I woke everyone up in the room because when I looked out the window, I saw everyone outside,” he told CNN. “I told everyone to get out of the building as soon as possible.”

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Morales said he did not hear the fall, but when he came out he saw that a significant part of the building was missing.

He is now in a community center with those who have left, he said.

It was like this before the building collapsed

Heavy storms advance towards the crash site

Rains and storms are blowing westward along the coast of the Miami metropolitan area, affecting search and rescue operations surrounding a building collapse on Florida’s Surface.

This activity should go to coastal areas in the next 30 minutes or when localized flooding and short winds blow.

It may continue to rain in the morning and as the sea breeze arrives, the rain should go further inland today.

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