December 7, 2022

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99 thousand hectares burned in California

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On July 26, 2021, pine trees were set ablaze in the Dixie Fire in Twain, California.

The state of California has been burning since July 14 this year, burning 99,000 hectares of land so far, the eleventh fire in its history.

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, about 5,500 troops are working tirelessly to fight the blaze, but they were only able to douse 32% of the flames.

What is the cause of the fire?

On July 26, 2021, firefighters extinguished hot spots near the oldest mountain cabins on a hill in Dixie Fire, Twain, California.

Getty ImagesEquipos bomberos apagaron puntos calientes cabaas rusticas de montaña in a ladaera en Dixie Fire, en Twain, California, el 26 de julio de 2021. ”After a while, you start to get a little screw up, your mental health does not 55 year old fire Captain David Dickenen said. (Photo by Robin Peck / AFP) (Photo by Robin Peck / AFP via Getty Images)

As for the origin of the accident, investigations indicate that it was triggered by a failure in the electrical network, although investigations are still open, Millennium announced.

However, according to updated information from Telemundo33, Pacific Gas & Electric Company and its crew may have been involved in launching a small wildfire, which, in conjunction with the massive “Dixie Fire”, is now threatening homes in the mountains of Northern California.

For its part, Vanguard, According to documents submitted to the California Public Distribution Authority, while a PG&E operator was repairing an incident on a power line in the area, he noticed that bad fumes on the top of a tower had caused a forest fire.


Updated reports of this fire show material damage to a total of 67 burned buildings, but no casualties, but it maintains a state of alert for evacuation of Butt Meadows, Jonesville and parts of Lake Brookbrook. .

The Indian Valley is known to be one of the worst-affected residential areas, with most families turning their homes to ashes and rubble.

Lauren Redmore, a social scientist who moved to Northern California to work for a nonprofit centered on rural development and forestry, says she now moved out of her home because of Dixie and did not expect to face the island so soon. .

“From an emotional point of view we worked very hard”, Redmore said, 37, now lives with friends in Corvallis, Oregon. “It’s hard to stop looking at the fire map constantly.”

Like Redmore, there are hundreds of people who have lost their homes, so three shelters have been implemented for these people in Blooms County. This time it includes 75 residents, some of whom are spending the night outside the shelters only for humanitarian work, not wanting to leave their destiny as they are not allowed inside the shelters. Said Chandler Bay, deputy of the Blooms County Sheriff.

Climate change is triggering fires

Quote in the middle The worldThe alarms went off earlier this summer in the western United States. A new heat wave with recorded temperatures in various parts of the country has contributed to the fire chain – about 60 – which has already burned 400,000 hectares of land.

Add a medium Dozens of states They suffer from drought, extreme heat and deadly cocktails with thunderstorms, which controlled fire brigades from California as part of the chaotic situation with Alaska and Canada.

And factors such as climate change brought heat waves and historical drought in many parts of the world. Western America is no stranger to this phenomenon, and it is very difficult to put out wildfires in these areas.

Trees smoke in the Echo Echo section of Bootleg Island on July 25, 2021 in the Fremont-Wine National Forest in Oregon.

Getty ImagesTrees smoke in the Echo Echo section of Bootleg Island on July 25, 2021 in the Fremont-Wine National Forest in Oregon.

Climate experts are right in saying that climate change over the past 30 years has made the region extremely hot and dry, supporting wildfires, which often cause more destruction and contribute to more severe weather.

According to The world, Local experts are talking about an unprecedented situation with record high temperature figures, such as Grand Junction, Colorado (41 degrees) and Salt Lake City (40 degrees), but it did not exceed 56.6 degrees Celsius in Death Valley in the middle of the California Desert this Friday. Celsius.

One of the hottest cities was Portland, which recorded 44 degrees Celsius days ago and killed 116 people across the state, many of whom were found in homes without air conditioning or fans. Also, in the north, in Washington, the death toll has risen to 78 since the end of June, with more than four fires.

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