December 1, 2022

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67% of the contracts of the Ministry of Youth were made below the limit in 2021.

Santo Domingo, RD.

One of the complaints filed by Jose Manuel Vital Tejeda, the former legal director of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, against the current minister, Luz del Alba Jiménez, is that he allegedly had a method of “shredding” the payment system, so big awards are available. This is done by direct purchase below the limit established by law, so that the processes do not go in the legal direction.

According to the Directorate of Purchases and Contracts, within the purchase limits for 2021, small purchases should be in the range of RD $ 131,433.00 to RD $ 985,748.99 in goods and services.

Portal of the Directorate of Procurement and Contracting, From January 2021 to date, the Ministry of Youth has carried out 94 procurement processes, of which 63, 67.02% are below the threshold; 24 other purchases are classified as less than 25.53% and 7 price comparisons as 7.45% of the total.

All these purchasing processes for 21,186,228 pesos. Of this total, purchases below the limit provided an investment of RD $ 3,954,275, while RD $ 8,231,953 was spent on small purchases and RD $ 9,000,000 in price comparison.

Similarly, the Ministry of Youth carried out a large number of procurement processes in April with 17 processes equivalent to RD $ 1,901,001. Of these purchases, 13 were below the threshold, 3 small purchases and 1 price comparison.

There are 12 purchasing processes on goods and services in June following this month, valued at RD $ 1,705,174, all processes below the small purchase and limit.

Also, in November this year, the Youth Ministry carried out 11 processes for RD $ 460,398. 7.45% of these processes are below the threshold; 3.19 Small Purchase and 1.06% Price Comparison.

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Although only 10 purchasing and contracting processes were carried out in August, this month saw a high investment with RD $ 5,398,529, of which 5 were below the purchase limit, 4 were lower and 1 was price comparable.

In February and May, 18 processes were carried out, divided by 9 per month for a total of RD $ 7,714,446. Of the 18 processes, 12 were purchased below the threshold, 4 were small, and 2 were price comparisons.

In September, 7 processes were carried out for a total of RD $ 1,664,160, of which 5 were below the purchase limit and two were lower.

There is also a similarity in the number of purchases in January, with a total of 6 RD $ 1,669,825 per month. During these months, 7 purchases were made below the limit, 3 small purchases and two price comparisons.

In March, 5 purchases were made for RD $ 320,563. Purchases below 4 of these thresholds and less ..

Finally, July is the month with the lowest procurement processes, where the youth ministry has carried out only two for RD352,133. One is below the threshold, the rest is low purchases.

Some of the contracted processes are: purchase of technical equipment for the company, repair of pump and power plant, purchase of drinking fountains and microwaves for corporate use, purchase of national and corporate flags, purchase of banners with structures, purchase of customized items, 12th International Drama Festival for Children and Youth Hiring a drama show service.

Also dinner service for participants at the 1st National Community Dedication Forum: Youth 2021 with the theme of Adolescent Pregnancy, meeting of the “Health Path” event for the meeting, coffee break service for health activity, service in the manufacture of memory injections, purchase of technical equipment used in this organization, October- Purchase of fuel tickets for the December quarter.

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Jose Manuel Vidal Tejeda, the former legal director of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, has accused the company’s Luc del Alba Jimenez of irregularities in its procurement process.

According to Vidal Tejada, the minister intends to benefit two companies, Gretman and Sketchbrom, in tenders for 3 million pesos. In addition to making purchases, you proceed below the threshold so that they do not go through the Directorate of Legal and are not valued in this way.

Carlos Pimentel, director of procurement and contracting, said the company he runs is investigating the case.

The youth ministry rejected Vidal Tejada for “convenience in service”.