December 10, 2022

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5 Immigrants climb the US-Mexico border wall in front of border patrol agents | Univision Immigration News

Sunland Park, New Mexico.- In Puerto Anapra, a community of zinc houses attached to a border wall in Ciudad Juarez, a group hides behind a small mountain of sand and debris. Each time one of them would poke his head through the wires of the wall. At Sunland Park in New Mexico, two border patrol officers spotted them while answering questions from Univision Noticias reporters. Agents were already expecting the team to try to cross the wall in broad daylight on Saturday, April 10th.

“We give up stuff,” said one immigrant.
-How? Giving up stuff? Boy, no. You do not know, “the official replied.

In the distance, a federal company was walking away from where the SUV was waiting for the wall. When the car got lost on the horizon, two men measured the iron wall in seconds. From above they carefully lowered the metal bar, they were already being followed by two officers running towards them. But the immigrants lost sight of it. Officials later called for reinforcement by radio.

While it was going on, from another spot on the same wall, the other three got a chance to climb the wall. On the side of Ciudad Juarez, a crowd celebrated the observation of the five crosses.

In a matter of minutes, another Border Patrol SUV kicked the dust in Sunland Park at that moment. Five immigrants were detained. They are 19-year-old Mexican and four Ecuadorian, 20, 21, 26 and 47 years old.

So far in the 2021 financial year, More than 550,410 people are detained at the southern border. This number is already higher than the total number of arrests in 2020 (400,651) and 2018 (396,579). This has happened despite the fact that U.S. officials have asked immigrants not to travel to the United States because they will not be allowed in because of the crisis created by the corona virus. Covered by infection and under heading 42, Nearly 77% of those immigrants have been deported to cities bordering Mexico.

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The number of visitors did not stop growing every month. In October, at the start of fiscal year 2021, that number was over 71,000 migrants. By March, it had risen to 172,331. Most of these immigrants are single adults.

Univision Notices returned to Ciudad Juarez under Chapter 42 with more than thirty immigrants. Most of them sold out the idea that coyotes would be allowed in the United States because they promised they would not know the border was closed; Others were motivated by the misconception that President Joe Biden had stopped deporting for 100 days.