May 19, 2022

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49ers trade rumors: The Jets 'all in' using the 10th pick to take over Deebo Samuel

49ers trade rumors: The Jets ‘all in’ using the 10th pick to take over Deebo Samuel

The closer we get to NFL Project Next Thursday, more rumors you can expect about Deebo Samuel. The latest speculation surrounding 49ersThe All-Pro wide receiver came from Tony Bolin from the Pro Football Networkwho reported the following:

What do planes do with the tenth choice? Not surprisingly here, but the word in league circles is the Jets, and specifically Joe Douglas, all using that pick to take over Deebo Samuel.

The planes made a show of Kansas City Chiefs for Tyreek Hill a month ago before Hill ended up with Miami Dolphin.

According to Adam Shifter, the two Jets offered second-round picks #35 and 38 and third-round pick #69. They also asked for Chiefs’ pick #103.

Hill is two years older than Depo. Additionally, according to various NFL turnover charts, the No. 10 pick is slightly above 35, 38 and 69. The Jets tried and failed to take over Hill a month ago. So this time around, one way to make sure a player like Deebo doesn’t miss out is to make an offer they can’t refuse.

Will the Niners say no to picking the Top 10? This is not possible. John Lynch is scheduled to hold his initial press conference on Monday, although I doubt he’s revealing any of the team’s plans. If the 49ers felt like they were at a point of no return and knew that a team like the Jets was desperate for an established playmaker, I doubt they would say no to such a valuable choice.

I’ll say this over and over again: there is no player the Niners will draft to repeat what Deebo did in 2021. I’m not sure Samuel himself will deliver a season similar to the one we just saw again. he is It was 49ers offense.

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If San Francisco closes the deal, it’s about having a player on a junior contract for the next five years – that fifth-year option is crucial – and continuing to build around Trey Lance while he takes advantage of his contract.

Is there a scenario that exists where the Niners no Make this trade if the planes came calling?