September 29, 2022

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4 1,400 check approved by Congress. We tell you who gets help

The third round of aid checks against the economic crisis caused by the corona virus will soon reach millions of people in the United States, and $ 1,400 was paid directly after it was finally approved by the House of Representatives this Wednesday, as part of a recovery plan. $ 1.9 trillion proposed by President Joe Biden.

The purpose of the stimulus package Relieve the economic crisis quickly It keeps millions of people out of work and out of money to pay their debts, but with 200,200 payments in March 2020 and $ 600 in December signed by former President Donald Trump, not all people will receive a third direct payment of $ 1,400.

Next, the detail Who will receive the check Who will be assisted:

Depending on the income

The legislative proposal restricts who will receive checks based on their income.

One time 4 will be given to 1,400 paying persons Earn less than $ 75,000 Or household heads earning less than 112,500. If both married couples jointly earn up to 150,000 (couples will receive 2,800), and each child earns another 4 1,400 will receive the full amount.

That people Earn 75,000 to 80,000 Dollars will still receive checks, but they will be less than 4 1,400. This applies to family heads earning $ 112,500 to 120 120,000 and couples earning $ 150,000 to $ 160,000.

Those who earn more do not get help.

If users have already submitted Tax revenue for 2020, The check will be based on last year’s income. Otherwise, the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) will use 2019 revenue to determine the amount of assistance to be received.

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In previous rounds, the income limit for receiving money was 000 99,000 and for couples without children, 000 198,000. Eligibility requirements have been changed this time around because of Republicans’ position that aid should go to those most in need.


For these third round payments, parents with children of any age are eligible 4 1,400 available for each dependencyUntil they meet income requirements.

In the first two rounds of epidemics, students 17 and over are not entitled to a check if their parents or guardians declare them dependent. The extra money given to each parent was not received by their parents. This only applies to children under 16 years of age.

The elderly and the disabled

In the first two rounds of payments, the elderly and disabled adults were declared dependent by another person. This time they will get 4 1,400 help


Immigrants will receive an assistance check if they meet the eligibility criteria Have a valid Social Security number.

Immigrants with green cards or H-1B and H-2A work visas are entitled to assistance. Residents, temporary workers and immigrants in the country illegally are ineligible to pay.

In the case of mixed status families, a check will be issued to one of the family members as long as they have a Social Security number.

In the second round in December Congress allowed mixed-status families to receive the check, and Re-implemented the policy Thus families can claim the lost allowances in the first round.

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Low-income people who do not file taxes

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Low-income people who have not filed taxes in the last two years Entitled to receive check, But many of them will not get it.

Recipients of Social Security benefits are all set. The government will use that data to determine how much they will receive and where the money will be sent.

People do not need to file taxes If you earn less than 000 12,000 per year, but without your income, it is very difficult for the IRS to verify income, calculate fees and know where to send it.

The IRS created a website last year to enroll people to receive money. The government has not yet indicated how it will do the third round or calculate the payments.

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Will the money come through direct deposit or paper check?

If the IRS keeps your bank account information on file, it will deposit the money by direct deposit. In previous rounds, it was the fastest way. Otherwise, I will send a paper check to your address. All you have to do is make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

Will the payments go out immediately?

The IRS has already done this twice, so it should be faster. But there is no exact timetable. Keep your eyes on your bank account or mailbox after signing the Biden Trigger package.

With information from USA Today.