30 Days Of Night: Dark Days – Blu-Ray Review


30 Days Of Night: Dark Days

With such an exciting debut, the 30 Days Of Night franchise kicked off with a debut film that was original, exciting and well written. It was a breath of fresh air in a time when vampire movies needed a swift kick in the pants. This fall the second chapter, and direct to video release, 30 Days Of Night: Dark Days gets a chance to expand the story and wash away the direct to video sequel curse. The flick is outstanding when it comes to blood and crazed vampires, but it had no chance to break the curse.

The movie begins a year after the massacre in Barrow, Alaska, and we discover that Stella (Lost’s Kiele Sanchez, replacing the original’s Melissa George) has written a book about the tragedy and lectures around the country.  After exposing some vampires with trick UV lighting at one of her lectures, she meets up with a vigilante team of vampire hunters who recruit her to help them. From then on Dark Days is a vengeful chase film, much like Blade and to a lesser extent the Underworld series.

In its rawest form, our vampire hunters must stop the bloodsuckers from reaching another town in Alaska for a new round of terror for 30 days. Underneath the chases and vampire slayings, we get a glimpse at the fascinating vampire underworld. Stella was enlisted by the hunters to seek out and destroy the new undead queen, Lilith (Mia Kirshner). Kirshner plays a wonderfully wicked queen and lets us in on a few vampire lifestyle moments, including sleeping in a bath tub of blood.

The vampire scenes were by far the best moment’s n this somewhat hum-drum sequel. Now that they’ve established and shown us a creepy vampire lifestyle, here’s hoping the third film relies more on the vampires and less on a washed up team of vampire slayers. I guess that means I’m TEAM VAMPIRE.

The movie is worth a look if you enjoyed the first one; just don’t expect the same originality and umph that the original had.

30 Days Of Night

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