3 Inches Of Blood Record A Pair Of Hometown Shows


3 Inches Of Blood3 Inches Of Blood / Goatwhore / Haggatha
The Rickshaw Theatre
Vancouver, BC
May 23, 2010

Review and photos by Mhelanni Gorre
RockStar Weekly

This past Saturday night was a part of a back-to-back performance for heavy metal rockers 3 Inches of Blood.  Both concerts were being filmed at The Rickshaw for an upcoming live DVD and what better way to record a live performance than playing to a legion of loyal fans in their hometown of Vancouver?

The show opened up with fellow Vancouverites, Haggatha, and the boys from Goatwhore. Their performances were also filmed- so more DVD metal for your hard earned dollars. The energy was running high all night. And the crowd was pretty alright, too. At one point, you couldn’t exit out into the foyer without giving a high-five and shout out a “Hail Satan!” to a couple of rowdy metalheads by the door who wouldn’t let you pass until you did so.

The mosh pit was already active when Goatwhore took the stage. But when 3 Inches of Blood came on, it was raining crowd surfers! Lead singer, Cam Pipes, definitely has a good set of ‘em. Pipes, I mean. Along with a great voice, he’s got terrific facial expressions and can play a mean air guitar. The lights were great for a metal show but could it be that there was more light because the concert was being filmed? At one point, there was a collective “oooh” from the crowd in the back who witnessed not 1, not 2- but 3, yes 3- guys try to dive into the crowd from the stage and fail miserably. The mosh pit was way too busy to catch divers.

In the middle of their set, 3IOB played “Swordmaster” in honor of past band member Brian Redman who passed away last year. And for a part of the encore, the boys from Goatwhore and Haggatha joined in to sing along to “Preacher’s Daughter”. Kokanee beers were downed and hugs all around. Hurray for bromance!

3IOB are solid musicians and put on a kick-ass metal show. If you missed out, keep an eye out for the release of their live DVD. You can be witness to the epic power that is 3 Inches of Blood. Oh, and maybe you’ll see one of those crowd divers fall face flat, who knows?

3 Inches Of Blood

3 Inches Of Blood / Goatwhore / The Golers
The Rickshaw Theatre
Vancouver, BC
May 22, 2010

Review and photos by Gord Dunbar
RockStar Weekly

3 Inches Of BloodAfter watching my first concert at Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre, I have to say that I hope many more bands hold their shows there because it was a great place to watch and hear the legendary 3 Inches Of Blood take to the stage to film both Friday and Saturday concerts with their hometown fans – my ears are still ringing the day after!

When things got going, the first band we got to see was The Golers. Sorry to have to say this, but the boys from Surrey did not fit the bill for that night. The BC punkers would have been better suited playing with other punk-minded bands.

Second up was Goatwhore, a new band for me to explore that night.They come across as a very dark and intense band, but they sure like to have a blast with the crowd on stage. The lead singer, Louis Falgoust, seemed  to be a very intense man that loves his job. He was constantly interacting with the crowd slapping hands and fist pumping as many fans as he could – I even think my son, who joined me for the show, felt a couple of the intense slaps to his hand when he found the courage to make his way to the front row to feel the shows intensity. They were a great choice to get the crowd pumped up and ready to party. They are a band worth watching again in the future.

As for the headliners, after just releasing their new album over six months ago, they returned to Vancouver for this first night of a two night stint to create a live concert DVD for all their fans to enjoy at a later date. Without co-lead singer Jamie Hopper, fans were not sure how that would affect their live show, but from what I heard, lead singer Cam Pipes can more than hold his own. He has a very unique voice that seems to bring me back to the days of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

3IOB is a band that sure knows how to throw a wild party. The crowd was in a frenzy for every song they played – some even ventured up on stage to rock out with the boys and proceed to stage dive off into the waiting crowd.

This is a very talented group of musicians whose careers can only grow into bigger and better things down the road. I can’t wait to see them again at the Mayhem Tour this summer down in Washington!

As a side note, it was nice to hear every band that night give a salute to the late great Ronnie James Dio (RIP).

3 Inches Of Blood

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