December 1, 2022

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2021 MLB Playoffs: Astros vs. Braves: This is how the 2021 World Series is played; Where to watch Table, Match Schedule, Results and MLP Fall Classic live on TV

Playoffs MLB 2021 This is how the last series of the season is played

When, where and when does the 2021 World Series begin?
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The Braves end the rule of the Dodgers

Yordan lvarez rejoins the Astros in the World Series

D.We have defined two guests In the 2021 World Series, the Atlanta Braves will face the Houston Astros Define the new Major League Champion.

The The Astros leave Alex Cora’s Red Sox on the field and are in charge of removing the Atlanta champion Dodgers. Los Angeles in six games.

Everything Starting next Tuesday, October 26th, Minute will be at Maid Park, where the Astros will have a hometown advantage. The first two of this year’s most anticipated series.

MLB Playoffs World Series Games

Game 1 in Houston | Braves 6-2 Astros | (Series 1-0 ATL)

Game 2 in Houston | Braves 2-7 Astros | (Series 1-1)

Game 3 in Atlanta | Astros vs. Braves | Friday October 29 | 19:09 CENTRO and 20:09 East | Fox and CBS.

Game 4 in Atlanta | Astros vs. Braves | Saturday, October 30 | 19:09 CENTRO and 20:09 East | Fox and CBS.

Game 5 in Atlanta | Astros vs. Braves | Sunday, October 31 | 19:15 CENTRO and 20:15 East | Fox and CBS.

Game in Houston 6 | Braves vs Astros | Tuesday, November 2 | 19:09 CENTRO and 20:09 East | Fox and CBS.

Game 7 in Houston | Braves vs Astros | Wednesday, November 3 | 19:09 CENTRO and 20:09 East | Fox and CBS.

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