December 7, 2022

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$ 20,000 for a house in Venezuela

From the video distributed by ‘YouTuber’ Luisito Communica, he shows the house he bought in Venezuela.RR SS

An apartment with a sea view, internet celebrities with over 37 million subscribers on YouTube and an offer that is hard to deny, what could go wrong? “This is not a lie, it is not a lie. This thing is absolutely true: I bought a house in Venezuela.” This is how Louis Arturo Willer is known Lucido communicatesYour latest real estate investment. The purchase price or location does not go unnoticed. Millions of Venezuelans seek refuge and asylum abroad Influence Bought a new residence in a country mired in deep political and humanitarian crisis, and at a modest price of $ 20,000, according to a video.

“I know what many people think,” he said YouTube. “Did you not see the news? Do you not know that this country is going through a very complicated situation?” He asked rhetorically. I’m lived, I’m not even able to collect two socks. “

“When I saw the selling prices of properties in Venezuela, I was very surprised,” says The YouTube. Bargain and bold investment for some, interest and mockery for others in a crisis situation going abroad. Especially because of the tone the communicator accepts during the house tour. “It’s hard to get snow from many places because the electricity in the shops is cut off and so on,” Wheeler says in his video, which has more than three million views, while showing off his refrigerator. “It’s good to have a freezer in this country,” he concludes.

The apartment is located in Lecheria (Ansotegui), a popular tourist destination in the northeast of the country and is fully furnished: it has a washing machine, dryer, a living room and newly refurbished appliances including kitchen, utensils and utensils. “As the previous owners said (…) let’s get out of here,” he says Influence. “I think I benefited a lot,” he adds.

Social networks echoed the high inflation and currency devaluation that is rocking Venezuela and the fact that a similar property in a tourist area or capital like the Riviera Maya in Mexico would cost many times more. “How much did that house cost before Nicolas Maduro came to power?” And “Lucido does what the average citizen can’t do” are some of the criticisms that appear on the Internet.

If the monthly minimum wage in Venezuela is seven million bolivars and equals just over four million bolivars at the official exchange rate of one dollar, then $ 20,000 is practically unaffordable for the majority of the population in a lifetime. According to journalist Florentonia Singer, the price of a kilo of meat in the South American country is 3.9 to five dollars, which is all the poor Venezuelans earn in two months. Venezuela’s central bank reports 264.8% inflation in the first five months of this year, close to 3,000% in 2020.

Home buying has generated ideas from the so-called political climaxes and topics of 21st century socialism. Owns YouTube He plays with land grabbing and “ideologies” in the Maduro government. “That’s why you can hear so many stories of people losing their homes,” he says. “We’ll see. We hope it doesn’t happen. There’s that concern.” The YouTube When he said it was his “dream” to meet and interview El Salvador’s controversial President Naib Bougainville last March, he was not excluded from criticism on other occasions he approached politics. A spokesman denied receiving money to meet with the Central American president, saying he had been subjected to a series of attacks on the press, his uniqueness in the presidency and conflicts with the legislature and the judiciary.

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There were many followers Influence He came to his defense and thanked him for betting on Venezuela. Willer defended the crisis as “not the same across the country” and justified it as “a good time to invest”. “I want to find out what makes his money,” said Lucido Comunica, a partner of Venezuelan Ariani Tenorio since last year.

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