December 10, 2022

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1,289 additional confirmed cases from COVID, 9 deaths and 490 in hospitals

The Department of Health reports 1,289 confirmed cases and nine additional deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19.

According to information published on the digital portal, the number of confirmed cases accumulated on the island reaches 107,056. In addition, for a total of 13,515, it is indicated in approximately 483 cases diagnosed with antigen testing. From serological tests, some 1,022 additional cases are indicated, totaling 107,242.

With nine deaths reported today, the total rises to 2,194. These deaths arise, four in the Bayman region, two in the Caucasus, two in the metro and one in Arecibo. In the case of Biam there are four females aged 81, 59, 57 and 34, in Coques it is one female and 89 and 53 years old respectively. In the metropolitan area, there were 41 females and 68 males and Arecibo cases 93 females.

On the other hand, an increase of seven out of a total of 490 people admitted to the hospital has been reported. Of these, 454 were adult cases and 36 were minors. Although adults are hospitalized, there is a slight reduction in intensive care patients of 2 adults and a minority of 92 and four years of age, respectively.

In the case of ventilator patients, adults were 60 years of age, and in minors it was as low as 3 to 2 years.

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