December 7, 2022

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10-15 million euros from Mauricio Pochettino PSG to the French league

Mauricio Pochettino did not stop catching the eye of the hurricane. This time they fell for a report on the fall in the Champions League against Real Madrid.

The Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) coach promised this Friday that he would be the “close team” to clear the White House in the Champions League.

We are closer than Chelsea or Manchester City“, As promised at a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s league match against Montpellier. However, they have,” he admitted.Bad times in certain periods“It just made it impossible for them to continue the match.”We were close, but we were gone“, He insisted.

Pochettino pointed out Champions “The club’s goal in recent years”. However, the final match between Real Madrid and Liverpool will take place on the 28th in Paris.

PSG, the champions of the French league, were knocked out of the trophy in a penalty shootout against Nice, in which the Argentine coach recalled missing several international players invited by their teams. Still, he stressed that they did not sink after the defeat of the champions Team “won the league very politely”.

The annual awards ceremony of the French Professional Footballers’ Association (UNFP) will take place next Sunday with the arrival of Kylian Mbabane and Pochettino declined to speculate on whether the player will make any announcements about his future. “This is a question for Kylian,” he said.

When some statements by Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donorumma were published in the French press today, in which he asked the club if there were any goal rotations with Costa Rica’s Keeler Navas, the coach responded: “I do not know what Gijio said. In any case, the club will decide what they deem appropriate. , “He said.

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Following the defeat of the Champions League, the French press continued to report that the Paris team was looking for a new coach, although for this they had to pay compensation between Pochettino and his team. 10 and 15 million euros In case of dismissal. The aspect of losing the end in a certain sense.

TD tried to dispel these speculations by pointing out that he was still the coach of the club. “I’m a coach, I’m a part of the club, I’m involved in the decision – making process,” he stressed.