September 29, 2022

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Education Against. Thursday, May 27, at Alliance Park Grounds starting at 5:00 pm (Peruvian time). ‘Creams’ are unlikely to advance to the second round Liberators CupHowever, he still has a chance to qualify for eighth place South American Cup 2021.

After beating the Independent del Valle 3-2 at the Copa Libertadores on the 5th, the ‘Merengue’ had a chance to qualify for the 2021 South American Cup as they equalized the Ecuadorian score. There are 4 units in both, however, the Independent is ranked third for the best target difference, appearing in Table-3 and ‘Creams’ with record-7.

What decisions should the U.S. make for South Americans?

The university visits Palmeiras in Brazil, which has already qualified for the next round and finished first in the group. The Brazilians will put an alternative team on the court.

If ‘U’ wins, he will have to wait for the Independent to lose or paint against security and justice in Argentina. Otherwise, the ‘Creams’ are likely to be knocked out of the South American Cup by a goal difference.

If ‘Meringes’ is equal At Alliance Park GroundsIt will only serve them if the Independent del Valle loses to the ‘Falcon’.

If he fails, the ‘Ecuadorian people’ will lose by a large margin, but he will be practically eliminated until Universitario surpasses him in goal difference.

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