January 19, 2022

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பெரு அணி | Conmebol teams to play in UEFA Nations League from 2024 | NCZD | Game-total

Last Wednesday UEFA Y Conmepol They renewed the MoU until mid-2028. The agreement between the two federations confirms the rivalry between Italy (Euro Cup champion) and Argentina (US Cup champion) and has another innovation: the South American teams face the European team. Organized by the Governing Body of the League of Nations ‘Old Continent’.

Zbigniew Boniek, Vice President of UEFA in Poland, delivered the message in an interview with his country’s Meczyki media. “This is the last UEFA Nations League in this format”, The third edition manager of the tournament revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal and Kylian Mbappé France were already champions.

Boniek immediately argued it “We have a meeting with Conmebol, a federation of South American countries. Beginning in 2024, teams from across the continent will compete. “. That means the big team and nine other teams from our continent have the opportunity to compete with Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Of course, the Polish manager said there was still nothing clear to introduce members of the South American Federation in the UEFA Nations League. “What form will it take? We’re still working on it. The national team’s schedule is restricted, so you can not mix too much.”, He pointed out.

This is how Conmebol choices are distributed

Phoenix admitted that he did not know the details of what the form would look like. However, the UEFA president pointed out that the top six ranked South American teams would join League A. That is, Brazil and Argentina appear to be stable. The rest are Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

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In this sense, the mentioned delegates are direct crosses with France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, England, Italy, Belgium, Holland and others (referring to the recent championship draw).

Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela will advance to the League of Nations. In this frenzy, rivals such as Ukraine, Scotland, Russia, Sweden, Serbia and Slovenia, for example, will fight to move to Qatar 2022.

Response to FIFA

The strategic union of UEFA and Conmebol, in addition to the above agreements, provides a clear response to FIFA’s initiatives, such as hosting the biennial World Cup and changing the timing of traditional tournament celebrations such as the Eurocup and Copa America.

Similarly, the alliance of Europeans and South Americans is designed to counter the Global League of Nations program promoted by the Gianni Infantino-led organization.